Getting Children to Move

Want to know how to get your children inspired, motivated to get of the couch, to achieve something?

Children are natural followers. They soak up everything you do and twist it to fit in their style. I see it everyday. If a parent is polite all the time, most likely their kids are too. On the flip side, if you know a parent that always curses and is rude, no doubt their kids are gonna have potty mouths also. We have to realize that our children are little images of ourselves.

Within the last two days I read two articles about early teenagers who did EXTRA-ordinary things. One child, Jordan Romero, at the age of nine, created a goal of climbing the highest peaks of all seven continents. With his persistence, he and his father set out to accomplish his goal. By the time he was 14 he had climbed 13 of those mountains including Mount Everest! The other boy I read about, Hunter Lussi, was a 12 year old triathlete, swimming, biking and running over 70 miles! Hunter has talked to children in over 600 schools to help get the message of health and fitness out and had written a book, “America, Get Off the Couch!” Both of these children didn’t just get these ideas out of thin air. Both had parents who set the example. One parent was an ultra-marathoner and triathlon Iron Man. The other continually challenged himself through running difficult races through trails and mountains called adventure races. They showed their kids, through their own actions, that health and fitness were a high priority in life.

This pertains in every area of life whether it be health and fitness, finances or plane work ethic. We must be the leaders and show our children what is important. Get the junk food out of the house. Go for a walk with your children and turn off the TV. All these things will motivate and inspire them.

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