Jamaica Mon…

Today is day #16 with P90X and I am feeling good. I have to admit that I checked out my flexing arms in the mirror and was pretty excited. Eating well has got to be the hardest part for me, but I just keep thinking about the fact that I have to post 30 days pictures soon and it keeps me from overeating and away from the junk.

Another motivating reason to eat well: my husband and I  just found out recently that we are going to JAMAICA in January! Needless to say I am super excited and nervous 🙂

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
—Diana Scharf Hunt

I made this goal for myself, losing 20 pounds of fat,  but a goal is only a dream until a deadline is put to it so now I have my deadline. It is real and I am going to achieve it. I plan on being able to wear a bikini even if I don’t actually wear it (it’s a company trip, I want to stay conservative.) I wore a bikini once about 5 years ago, but before that I haven’t worn one for over 10 years. I am dying to not only wear it but look great. So here it is, my deadline:

January 13, 2011.

There is only one problem, I will have to buy a bikini in off season.  If anyone knows of a great online retailer that I can get a suit from, please let me know.



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