We all have said it… “I’m starting Monday.” It actually used to be a very popular phrase in our household. My husband and I were famous for it. As we would stuff our faces during Sunday morning brunch, my dad would say, “Let me guess, you’re starting Monday morning.” Ouch! Our mindset was “All or Nothing.” We found that… that mindset sucks! It didn’t leave much room for us to live life. It created such a yo-yo affect and wasn’t teaching our daughter anything good. The word “diet” was being used too often and not the way it should be.  We realized that if we didn’t change our ways, nothing good would come from it.

Just a couple months ago, we reluctantly decided we become Beachbody coaches. Sure I had read a TON of diet and workout books and was truly interested in the subject, but I wasn’t sure how well of an example I was. But something great happened after we had made the jump; we became consistent. It wasn’t all or nothing anymore. We had people who were depending on us. It has truly become a lifestyle.

We have learned a lot within such a short time. We’ve learned not to get discouraged if we ate something “bad.” We would just start eating right for the next meal. We used to intentionally miss a meal to make up the calories for something “bad” I’d eaten earlier. That doesn’t work. Now, we don’t miss meals anymore, because we’ve realized how much that makes us over-eat later. When we were ready to “diet,” we used to drop weight quickly doing the SouthBeach Diet, but it didn’t build any muscle. If we screwed up for only a day or two, the weight was back on. Now we are always doing something to build muscle. Muscle does burn fat!

There is so much more we have learned and I will be sure to share more later. Most importantly we have realized, it’s not a race. We are on a Fitness Journey. It will take changing our lives to get what we want, stick to it and not gain it all back later. As long as we make small, healthy changes and realize that it won’t happen over night, we will continue to see the wonderful results we are getting.

Here’s a small list of little changes we did/ are doing to make sure the fat keeps melting away:

  • Keep up on the water. At least 64 ounces/ day.
  • Have one “cheat” meal a week.
  • Replace one meal a day with Shakeology
  • Workout daily at home with a workout program (except Sunday)
  • Stick to the top 3 tiers (on non-cheat meals) of Michi’s ladder

Thanks for reading. If you found this post to be at all helpful to you, please share through FB, Twitter or email. As always, comments/questions are always appreciated.



One thought on “LIFE-LONG JOURNEY

  1. Jessica Zambelli

    You can do it Ash. You are one of the most strong headed people I know (compliment 🙂 ), when you put a task infront of you, you go for it and you push all the road blocks out of the way.

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