Figuring out how to put this blog up was not the easiest task for me. I am from a computer savvy  generation and thought that computer/internet use wasn’t so hard for me like my fellow generation “Y”ers. Man was I wrong. It took me forever just to figure out how to put a picture on this darn thing. After about a week of frustration I became the victor or so I thought…

I was so excited to get my picture on the front of the site until I realized… I don’t have any good pictures. In the last year, we had so many events: First Communion and Reconciliation for April, birthday parties for the kids, my husband’s and my first 5K, 8K and half marathon, two family trips AND, in spring, we even had professional family pictures taken. Not one am I proud of to put on the front of my site. OUCH! This realization was like a punch in the stomach. I know, I know, I may sounds silly to some of you, but hear me out. This is my blog. Everything in here comes from my heart. I try to give my best to help everyone out there reading it (even if right now it’s only two people.) The point is, I want to look my best. That’s it. And sure I have pictures of me from the last year, but nothing that I can say, “Look at me, I ‘m hot stuff!”

So, I have two choices ahead of me:

  1. I can let this little situation get the best of me. I can get more frustrated, let it ruin my day, and maybe even shed a tear or two. OR
  2. I can do something about it, make this another little piece of motivational material for me, one more thing to strive for.

Which one will I choose… Well, the second of course (or I wouldn’t be telling you this 🙂

New goal: Make a good-looking picture.


  1. Jessica

    I Love reading your blog. This one is definitely very honest and I myself can definitely relate with that feeling. It’s hard to sometimes not be discouraged but knowing that you’re on the road to something great is wonderful…not to mention all the progress you’ve made so far. Aaaaand may I also mention you’re definitely a great motivation for other ppl who are working on a fit, ealthy, and active lifestyle themselves. Keep up the great work 🙂

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