My Shakeology/ P90X 30 Day Review:


I started P90X 30 days ago to slim down and get ripped basically. I started off with about 20 lbs of fat to lose, check original post here. So far I have lost 7 pounds and am 2 inches slimmer in the waist!!

I can start to imagine what I will look like for Jamaica… I am super excited! The first step is to feel comfortable not wearing my stupid cover-up skirt over my bathing suit every time I hit the beach just to hide my butt and thighs 😦



I can’t lie, though. I definitely had my ups and downs over the last 30 days. I missed altogether maybe 3 workout days. I ate well most of the time, but I still had pizza twice, a very large burger and I’m pretty sure I had homemade Mac N Cheese twice : / I am only human 🙂  My philosophy is that one meal per week, I can eat whatever the heck I want. It’s been working out thus far so I will continue to do that 🙂


I did restructure the first phase a little to fit my training schedule to run the Women’s 5K Classic. Instead of doing the P90X Tues, Thurs, Sat workouts, I ran for my training. I also extended phase 1 one week longer, because I wanted to be doing my recovery week the week of the race just to wind down a little.

Phase 2 starts today and I am super excited! I got pretty good results these first 30 days, imagine what will happen when I incorporate Yoga, Core Synergistics & Kenpo. Not to forget, I will be also adding in some Brazil Butt Lift workouts to target my sweet spot 😉 I will continue to run 1-2 x’s a week, but very low mileage to keep myself going for the I Run for Jack race coming up in November and the Jingle Bell Run in December.

Hopefully my story will help inspire you or motivate you to keep you going.

I would love your comments or questions. Also feel free to share this post on Facebook or Twitter (below.)



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