My INSANITY journey:

By: Regina Scarselletti

The Beginning….

Well it all started after my sister became a Beach Body Coach. She was so pumped about getting back in shape and getting healthy that I felt a little pathetic that I wasn’t on that train with her. So I was at her house one night and her and her husband were showing me some new programs they had gotten, one being Insanity. They were talking about how they were planning on starting P90X the following week. So this REALLY made me feel pathetic that they were going full throttle despite their busy lives and here’s little ‘ol me sitting on my bum eating potato chips. So, I looked at the workouts of this program because Jesse told me that he was straight up scared of it, and that was the beginning of the end.

I wanted to dominate it. I wanted to be able to say, “Yeah, I’ve heard of insanity. I did it!” I wanted to accomplish something that would be visible to everyone around me. So I got in my little pink bikini, and took before pictures that night. I started the next week. I had no time to even think about what I was doing; just that I knew once I started I couldn’t stop.

My first workout almost made me cry, and that was only the fit test. I had to sit on the floor of the shower for a good ten minutes after my workout that day. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I started so I couldn’t stop. That first week was absolutely brutal. I went from not working out at all to working out about 40 minutes to an hour a day, maxing out with everything I did. I couldn’t walk up the stairs the first week, but it was a great feeling knowing that I was on a journey to feeling and looking great.

Getting Results…

The next week was much better. My body was over the shock of moving again, I was getting used to what I had to eat, and I was noticing that I was keeping up better with the beastly ripped people in the DVDs. My third week I did the fit test again and took all my measurements. I was SO stoked! I had made huge strides, and I didn’t even know it! My reps increased by over ten in most of the exercises, I had lost a few pounds and a few inches. This is after me telling my sister that I couldn’t see or feel a difference. It was on from then on out, now that I knew I was unknowingly being transformed.

I was so excited after that. The third and fourth week I really pushed myself. By this time I was basically keeping up with my sexy DVD friends and my new lover, Shaun T. I still didn’t feel like I looked any different, though. My brother-in-law and sister wanted 30 day pictures of me. That was part of the deal for me to use their program. So that weekend I went to their house and got back into my little pink bikini. They were telling me I looked great, but I didn’t understand until I saw my pictures. I looked great, and I didn’t even know! I was so happy to actually be able to see a difference. My body was changing, bit by bit. I was trimming down and toning up. I actually have noticeable biceps now-that’s a first in my life! This obviously made me want to keep on going.

More Results…

My next week was my recover week. We wanted to try the Shakeology 3-day cleanse. So I took 3 days to do that, having some pretty crazy results. I dropped a total of five pounds and two inches. I was super excited. I noticed the difference when I was walking up the stairs to class and felt like I was flying up them. Then I looked around and saw all the kids next to me basically panting try to get to the third floor. I must admit I giggled to myself a little bit! I also got some awesome new workout sneakers because mine were so old and starting to hurt my shins. They are fantastic! This was a great week, minus me being sick.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”

I went into the second round scared to death. I still wasn’t feeling well and I knew that the workouts were supposedly way harder. Although I was nervous, I went into it full steam ahead (“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”), again starting with the fit test. Once again I was seeing huge improvement. I even doubled some of my sets since I started the program, and was about 9 pounds lighter since when I started and lost about 6 inches all over.

So here it was, round two. Let me tell you, it kicked my butt! There are basically all new workouts in round two, so I didn’t know any of the moves yet. I stood there, watched what I was supposed to do, laughed, cried a little bit inside, and then did it. The only way to go about it is to just do it. It was a rough week, but I was so excited. I loved the new workouts even though they were much more intense than the first round. They were intense in a different way. I feel like you just have to find the power to get through the exercises, then you have to sit on the floor like a pile of mush for a couple minutes, take a shower, get something awesome to eat, and then you are good for the rest of the day.

No Turning Back…

I just started week two of round two yesterday, and yes, it still hurts. But I’m going to definitely keep up with it. I’ve made it this far. There is absolutely no turning back. I want this bad. End of story.

In all honesty, this work out program has helped me out so much. I’m not just talking about looking sexier, although I do. I’m talking about just being happier in general. I’m in my third year of a professional doctorate of physical therapy program. School is getting more challenging. I have had to do a lot of extra work for all my classes this semester. This has helped me so much with my time management because I know I need to make time for it, which means I need to get everything else done in some sort of an efficient manner. Also, I’m eating healthier, so I’m feeling better in general and have more energy than I usually do at this point in the semester. All my friends seem to be burning out, and here I am going strong and powering through. It’s really exciting! I’ve never felt so good about myself in my entire life; Insanity is a huge part of that. I have two more weeks left after this one, and I’m already planning on starting the program again. I don’t want it out of my life quite yet!

To check out Insanity click here.

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