Running & P90X = Results

First Step: Getting Off My Butt

In the middle of summer 2009, I was really fed-up. Couldn’t stand the way I looked. The last time I was OK with how I looked was 5 years when I went to Punta Cana during college. I don’t know if you have ever done this before, I looked alright, but not where I wanted to be… After I went on the trip, I just stopped trying. I didn’t plan the next step, something else to strive for. After the event that I busted my butt so hard for, I got fat! Since then, I haven’t been able to get my body to the same point. I fluctuated between 12-20 lbs. more for years + the 5-10 I gave up on= 20-30 lbs. overweight….

So 18 months ago, I went to go for a run with my little one in the stroller, thinking it would get my but in shape. Now being a dancer my whole life and never trying to run outside before, I had no clue what I was doing. That may sound weird, but I seriously couldn’t run 1/4 mile without having to stop. Every time I tried my heart pounded so hard, I literally thought I’d end up in the hospital. SOOO pathetic! I needed some tips, some advice. So I looked around to find someone that looked like they knew what they were talking about. That’s when I met MaryAnn and Pam.

The start of a runner.

MaryAnn and Pam were two ladies I ran into at the Parkway in Allentown who definitely knew what they were doing. They are both experienced runners and well past their 40s (probably even 50s, but I am not an age psychic.) After I introduced myself and told them I needed help, they enthusiastically guided me to First Strides where they were both mentors. I felt like I struck gold! God must have planted them right in front of me 🙂

I couldn’t make the first & second week, but showed up to the third and was so happy I did. This was definitely the place I was going to learn how to run. There were a ton of women; old, young, experienced and completely new. I felt at home and welcomed. They were very organized and had all the confidence in the world. Even though I questioned constantly whether I could potentially run 3 miles, they knew that I could and would. It was exactly what I needed. If you ever have thought about running/walking a race, this is the place to start. And to top it all off, they have the best location. The Lehigh Parkway is the prettiest trail in the Lehigh Valley!

It was the best thing for me at the time. Not just because they were able to help me through the mental game of running, but because being able to run gave me the confidence of knowing that I CAN get back into shape and be healthy again. I really feel that MaryAnn, Pam & the rest of the First Strides mentors have helped me get the motivation and inspiration to start and continue my Fitness Transformation. If any of you guys are reading this… Thank you!

Since training for the 5K with First Strides in Fall 2009, I ran the Women’s 5K Classic, 1 8K and the Lehigh Half Marathon. I also did First Strides again this year and ran the Women’s 5K Classic again, taking 10 minutes off my time! I really started to feel good again.

Second Step: Getting Results

So i started running, lost all my weight & looked amazing!! HAHA… I wish that’s how the story went!  Well, there’s more. Although I started to feel great, there was one big problem. As stated above, I kept increasing my miles, why? No, I really didn’t WANT to. 5k’s were fun and enough running for me. But I thought it would help me lose weight. Through all this training and running, my heart and lungs was getting healthier, but my body was not going through the transformation I I wanted so badly. I came to a realization after the half marathon I ran…I need to do something more OR different!

So I did what I do best and started talking to people, again. Which is when I ran into (no pun intended) one of my husbands college friend’s, L.T. She had gotten into running last year and ran her first half and full marathon recently, she was one of the reasons I did my half marathon. Before she started running, she had a similar “before” picture as mine with similar weight loss goals. Here’s the problem though, she also said that she had lost NO weight during her training for the half and only a little for the full marathon.

I may like running, but I have NO desire to run a full marathon especially if it’s just gonna help me drop a COUPLE pounds. I wanted real results! After her full marathon, however, she was introduced to Beachbody and started the P90X system along with replacing a meal a day with Shakeology. With completing the program, she earned the BEST body of her life, looking and feeling better than ever before. She looked AMAZING…and of course, I was a little jealous!

Falling In Love w/ P90X

I wanted what she had. So, I really looked into it. The funny thing is I am, sad to say, a prior P90X drop-out. After having Gavin (my 2 year old,) I tried P90X for a month and gave up 😦 However, after seeing her results first hand and seeing how it matched up with all the other results you see on the late night informercials, I became a believer once again. I realized the only thing keeping me back was commitment.

So here I am at the end of the second month of the program, one more month left. I cannot tell you happy I am that I started and kept going with this program. I am seeing REAL results (will post pictures at 90 days…) and I don’t feel like it has been all that hard. Don’t get me wrong, it is challenging. But I am not and have not been at all anxious about it. I’ve been able to enjoy myself which means all the world to me. Not only that but my kids love the program too. April, once in a while will do the workout with Jesse, my hubby, and my little one, who works out with me, holds up the 2 pounders and says, “Gavin’s weights.” It’s the cutest.

A couple other things I noticed: Last week while taking my Contemporary class, I realized that my balance is off the hook and I can do things that I have never been able to do before, not even in High School! I also have a much slower resting heart rate and can tell that the amount of time it takes to get back down to resting heart rate after a higher intensity is much quicker. It’s pretty amazing! I have also found a new love for Kenpo and Yoga.

If you are looking into the program, I HIGHLY recommend it. If you ARE a runner, I recommend it ever MORE; it will help you run faster & more efficiently.

Thanks for reading,


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