This past summer I had 2 types of clothing in my drawers and closet: those that fit & those that were too small. I have  been going through this now for years. Holding on to clothing that doesn’t fit in hopes of being able to wear them again. They were my “skinny jeans” (and I don’t mean the style) or the dress I can squeeze into IF I wear two layers of spanx (or in my case cut-off control top pantyhose.) All while adding more and more “fat” clothing to the load. No wonder nothing ever fits in my drawers and I ALWAYS wonder why I have nothing to wear. Oh and to the men out there, we know you do it too so don’t laugh.

Well, I have good news to everyone out there (well, to the few reading this…) there is HOPE! Today, on my 60th day of drinking Shakeology and doing the P90X program, I have NOTHING in my wardrobe that does not fit!!!!!!!!!!

I dropped 2 more pounds and 1 more inch off my waist, but here is something I did not think would happen. On Fridays I take a dance class and I have noticed that not only am I stronger but my balance has been off-the-hook. Both of which boosts my ability with everything we do in the class.  I thank the whole program to my progress, especially Tony Horton’s awesome Yoga X DVD. He really kicks your butt in that video. He claims doing Yoga is one of the main reasons he is so young for his age.

Here’s the great thing about all this. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s so true. I have not cut out any of the foods that I love! I mean, I have definitely been eating MUCH better, but I didn’t go drastic. I love chocolate and if you don’t believe me ask the women who work at Josh Early’s ….mmmmmm….Josh Early’s….. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. So we, my hubby and I, eat chocolate pretty often. But when we do, we have a couple pieces and that’s it. And we don’t give up when we do. We go right back to eating well. We made a decision months back that we would never buy candy at the grocery stores or when it’s in front of our faces at other check out lanes. Instead we would go out of our way and get the good stuff. When we go, we ask for 4 pieces of our favorite chocolate. The kids get theirs too 🙂 It makes it special and tastes so darn good.

Now it’s time to really go crazy. I have 5 more weeks left to complete the 90 days and I am STOKED! I already see great results and almost have a hard time believing I will get much more. There is one thing I am a little nervous about…showing my pictures. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome and show some real results, however it shows how big I was : / Oh well, rest assured I will be posting pictures next month.

If your interested in getting an idea of what I’ve been eating daily to lose weight, let me know by commenting below. Would love to get your feedback.



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