Kick-Ass Treadmill Workout

Aerobic Exercise: the Fat Burning Way.

This for my friends who frequent the treadmill for aerobic activity for hours per week every week and have not gotten any results. I know that feeling by the way and frankly it sucks! There is nothing worse than putting in so much work and not getting anything out of it. We are all told that if we want to lose weight we must do extra aerobic activity so we naturally add more time on the treadmill. Well, I am here to tell you to work smarter not harder (or this case longer.) Although I don’t currently do anything on the treadmill, I know many of you go to the gym and use it so I’d like to share with you one of the most effective workouts I have learned & have gotten great results from in the past.

The total time this will take you is 20 min/ day, 3 days/ week, no more, no less. I know what your thinking, but trust me that’s all you need on that stupid machine 🙂 And a little heads up: this is not easy. It’s also for everyone because it is based on your intensity level. So if your just starting or have already been running marathons, it works all the same.

Everything here is based on your intensity level. 1-10. 1 being totally sedentary like sitting on the couch; 5 being a little tired out, somewhat out of breath but can easily still hold a conversation; 10 being completely maxed out, not able to talk or go any further/longer with the same exercise.

So here’s what your 20 minutes should look like:

Min. Intensity
1            5 (warm-up)
2           5
3           6
4           7
5           8
6           9

7           6
8           7
9           8
10         9

11         6
12         7
13         8
14         9

15         6
16         7
17         8
18         9
19        10

20         5 (cool-down)

Be sure to stretch afterward. Stretching after aerobic activity is so important to injury prevention and soreness 🙂

I know you’re gonna try it so do me a favor, let me know how it went. Would love to hear your response!


PS This interval training can be used on any aerobic exercise; walking, running, bicycling, etc.

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