90 DAY P90X & Shakeology RESULTS:


Deciding is the easy thing. The hard thing is what comes next… commit. Webster defines it as, “To pledge or engage oneself: an athlete who commits to the highest standards.” In a world of instant gratification and where society does not have our best interest in mind, it’s one of the most difficult things to do, at first. It’s not just your time that needs to planned out or your meals although all is very important. But your mentality needs to be changed. You need to change your thinking to truely commit. The first week or two you can go off of excitement alone, but as time goes by your mind needs to be more and engaged or you quit. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s usually the things that aren’t that great for us that are the easiest to get. I want a cookie, oh there’s one. I want a cheesteak, oh there’s a place. How bout  a burger, fries, sugar laden drinks, chicken nuggets, wings, it’s all at our instant disposal. So if we don’t continually decide and commit to our health and fitness goals, success will never come.


Anyway, now that I am off my soap box, here are my 90 day results from P90X:

Body Fat: down to 19%

Weight lost: 11 lbs

Waist: 3.5 inches down

Butt: 2.5 inches down


on a scale of 1-10

(10 being the happiest):


This is the best

I have ever felt!


I brought it for 90 days with P90X and got some pretty great results however, I did not get to my original goal (click here to read.) So now it’s time to Dig Deeper. Insanity starts tomorrow. I’ll be sure to share with you how I really feel. I’ve been told that I am about to get my butt kicked, butt we shall see. Jamaica is only 18 days away so will I really get any more results in that short time? I guess we can only wait to see.

One thought on “90 DAY P90X & Shakeology RESULTS:

  1. You look fantastic! I’ve always wanted to try Insanity b/c I like that it just uses your own strength and not have to buy too many other accessories just to complete the work out. I loved Tae Bo until he started introducing all those random work out bars, etc to the videos.

    Once you get to Jamaica and see what’s walking those beaches, you’ll wonder why you were even concerned about how you look in that bikini! 🙂

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