3 Day Refresh

I was SUPER surprised to see I had lost almost 6 lbs in 3 days!

The first time I used the 3 Day Refresh I was NEEDING it bad! I had just came back from a 4 day conference and had very limited food choices. I started off good and strong and then throughout the couple days, it quickly went down hill with pizza, fries AND dessert!

I was a little skeptic at first, not that it wouldn’t help me lose the weight I had put on but that I could actually do it without cheating and without starving… I LOVE food and wasn’t ready to give it up! Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad at all and with the green tea in between meals and the real food that you CHEW throughout the day (


👉  Kickstart a new program

👉  Right after vacation or a holiday

👉  Right before a big event

👉  You can do it monthly to continue weight loss or maintain goals

> How To SAVE $$ On The 3 Day Refresh <

It Can Even Strengthen Your Willpower!



Something I have learned over the last couple years with being consistent is that it’s ok to “fall off the bandwagon” BUT only for a VERY short amount of time! I also have learned that to get back on track, I personally need to detox from sugar. If I don’t this little hiatus of health turns into an extended vacation and since I DO NOT want to undo all my hard work, I do 3 strict days of the Refresh to jumpstart my mojo. Because of this (and to save $$ of shipping) I ALWAYS have mine and my husband’s 3 Day Refresh shipped quarterly throughout the year.


Maybe? Ok, that’s not a great answer. I have done this program multiple times and sometimes, especially coming off a time when I may have been down a very long downward slope, it was like a slap in the face…. One that I needed I might add. Other times, I was totally fine. The one thing I did find was if I ATE most of my foods, not frank them, I was better off. So use these blog posts below to help yourself prep with food that you can CHEW instead of adding everything to your shakes 😉

> How To SAVE $$ On The 3 Day Refresh <

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And just in case you don’t like to cook…


Why Can’t I just have Shakeology 3 Times a Day?

Some of my super awesome Shakeology customers and coaches who drink Shakeology daily ask why can’t they just drink Shakeology 3 times a day using the 3 Day Shakeology cleanse schedule. It’s a great question! And I used to do the same thing before the company created 3 Day Refresh, however, when the creators of Shakeology realized that people were doing that, they knew they had a responsibility to create something that was MEANT for a 3 Day Cleanse that would supply all the nutrients we need for a day.


See Shakeology wasn’t created to supply us the nutrients we need for all 3 meals and snacks. It’s definitely the healthiest MEAL of the day, not mealS of the day! So knowing there was a demand, they created 3 Day Refresh at a very comparable price to doing the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse but without compromising our daily nutritional needs.

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How Do I Purchase The 3 Day Refresh?


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How To SAVE $$ On The 3 Day Refresh

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