Clean Chicken Parm

It’s so nice to have something that used to be a favorite of ours turned into a healthier option! I absolutely love this meal and so did the WHOLE family!!

Taken from the Wild Diet

As always, please get organic and Read More


Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese, Sautéed Onions, and Cucumber Salad

#FamilyFavorite My husband loves this, I love this and my kids ASK for it.. “Mom, can we have the lettuce wrapped burgers with goat cheese?” Music to my ears!! Anyway to get the kids to eat more vegetables is HUG Read More

Best Salad Dressing Ever- Creamy Garlic

I have NEVER been a salad person before. I always got sick of them VERY quickly and if it was a salad I loved, it usually had WAAAYYY too many calories or
starches or sugar or something.

Until NOW…..

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How I’ve been getting up early to workout.

Lately I’ve been dragging…REALLY dragging in the morning. I started a good routine last year of waking up early to get my workout in before the kids woke up. But something happened, and honestly I cannot even tell Read More

Ultimate Reset Baked Salmon


I did the Ultimate Reset for many reasons. I wanted to stop my unhealthy set back I was having. I was starting to eat whatever I wanted including pizza, fried food and sweats…DAILY!  I was definitely going in the opposite direction of my goals. I was also looking forward to three weeks of not having to think about what to eat; it just gave me an exact meal plan and grocery list. It was Read More

Best & Quickest Roasted Chicken Recipe EVER!

I only blog about recipes that are my FAV’s. I have to have made them multiple times and the whole family love them (if not, then I must REALLY REALLY like it!) And this one fits the bill all around. SO DELICIOUS and super Read More

Beef and Butternut Squash Stew

Photo Mar 25, 10 25 15 AMSince we first did the 21 Day Fix Extreme 2 months ago, my entire family (husband, 13 , 6 & 2 yr old) ALL love this meal and we have had it at least once a week for 7 weeks!

It’s not only delicious but also super simple Read More

21 Day Fix Extreme Turkey Meatballs


Thank goodness I made two batches of these right away because….O-M-Gee these are so good! My 6 year old son, after one bite says, “Mom, these are like chicken nuggets!” Enough said.

21DX results- me

PS- I have had awesome Read More

Banana Oatmeal Cookies- 4 ingredients

We love cookies. Really, who doesn’t? Yes, they are delicious, crunchy, sweet and so so bad for you!

Poor Santa has no chance with all of us feeding him fatty, sugary cookies every year so we decided to make him a sweet but healthier treat. It’s so simple, I have my 2 year old and 6 year do the work for me. Read More